Letter to Justice Verma

Posted: January 1, 2013 in Being +VE :-)

Nation unites in mourning death of Delhi braveheart, demands justice for her

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There is much debate on whether we need social change or stricter laws to prevent sexual assaults on women. I feel we need both and social change will take time. Social change has its relationship with literacy, poverty, education and is based on many other factors. The world is becoming better and better place to live. People are becoming better; they want to treat others fairly. If we plot the number of horrific crimes that used to happen with time, we will see that there is an improvement but not on expected lines. The condition of the women is much better compared to last decades, centuries or so. What we immediately need is stricter laws to deal with sexual assault related cases. Why our parents, teachers scolded us? It is to deter us from doing bad things, to teach us the difference between good and bad. On similar lines the punishment to culprits must send a strong signal so that any potential culprit will deter and will think several times before committing any crime. The measures of social changes can be taken care with proper education reforms, promoting gender equality, removing poverty etc.

I am not a law expert or haven’t studied law but felt like here is a time where I can contribute and sent an email (justice.verma@nic.in) to Justice Verma committee. The committee has asked suggestions from the citizens of our country. The last date for the submission of suggestions is 5th January 2013. I request to all my friends spare some time and mail whatever is in your mind to this committee. The following suggestions I mailed to Justice Verma Committee.

  1. If girl is sexually assaulted and murdered by group or individual, the culprit if proven guilty must be given death penalty.
  2. If any minor girl is sexually assaulted by individual or group, the culprit if proven guilty must be given death penalty.
  3. The person convicted for death penalty in sexual assault related cases should not be allowed to file mercy petition to President of India. Death penalty is given in rarest of the rare cases, no culprit should be allowed to file mercy petition in any other cases also. Political parties play unnecessary politics out of it.(E.g. Afjal Guru Case).
  4. If the girl above 18 is sexually assaulted, the culprit if proven guilty should get minimum punishment of life imprisonment.
  5. If the complain of sexual assault comes, the culprits should be issued non bailable warrant till the trials are completed.
  6. Anyone who is booked under sexual assault, harassment or eve teasing related cases should not be allowed contest the elections. If any party gives the tickets and found guilty should be banned permanently.
  7. Fast tracks courts should be established for sexual assault related cases. The time frame should be fixed.
  8. Sensor board should be strict in portrayal of the woman character in the movies of any language.

Wishing You All and Your Family a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year and Let us Make this World Better..

  1. Rudra Bubai Sarkar says:

    Good job More! I think your point of view will be given huge importance and whatever committee decides unanimously, your suggestions will be there more than 50%.

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