My Campus Placement Experience at IIT Kharagpur

Posted: December 10, 2011 in Being +VE :-)

Picture Courtesy: The Hindu, Tuesday, Sep 18, 2007

The beauty of the campus interview is that you never know when you will get placed. If everything goes as per plan and expectations there is every chance that you will get placed. One needs to have patience. The recruitment procedure at IIT kgp is very funny. It surprises you all the time. They may call you in the middle of the night for the written examination. They will ask you to submit the resume within 2 hours. The tentative schedule is published well in advance. There is little deviation from the schedule. So, be prepared in advance. Here is my experience so far.

  1. The recruitment procedure starts on 1st December. List down the companies that you want to target. Only target those companies which match with your set of skill. So many companies are coming for recruitment and appearing for most of them is a waste of time.
  2. Make the Placement Notice Board as default browser page. Install the updater which will give alarm for every new notice.
  3. I request juniors try to finish the thesis work by 15th of November so that you will have ample time to prepare for basics. Make it clear to the guide about you career goals.
  4. Start preparing the CV in July itself. Fine tune it properly, show it to friends, ask for the suggestions. Make the list of the questions from the CV. Ask friend for the demo interview you will understand the most of the questions that can be generated from the CV. Write down the answers for all those questions.
  5. Right from the July, Spend at least 1 hour daily on quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, and English stuff. Brush up the B.Tech technical stuff, prepare for the HR and make the research about the companies in last 15 days. The book I used for Quantitative Aptitude is “Quantitative aptitude for MBA Entrance examinations Abhijit Guha”. And solve the questions from the site: www.
  6. Get the old placement papers and solve them. Most of the time they will get repeated. I don’t know whether this really happens but my seniors suggested. One can also have idea about the nature of the question papers in advance.
  7. Most of the time companies recruit from all the IITs. Contact your friends from other IITs and ask for suggestions or necessary help.
  8. On a particular day of recruitment, the procedure will start in early morning. Have heavy breakfast so that you can concentrate for whole day without moving from the interview location.

The following are the companies that I attended and their experience.

Company:  Tata Steel.

Selection Procedure:

CV Short listing, GD and Interview.

GD Experience TATA steel: 

The topic for the GD was “Mechanical Engineers have stereotype job in process industry”. If one has clear-cut understanding of the topic, he must take the initiative to open the GD. You will have better impression for taking the initiative. But if one is not aware of the topic it’s better to wait for contribution from the other people. Understand what others are saying. In my GD most of them could not understand the meaning of the stereotype. I was also not confident about meaning of word stereotype. I have not opened GD. Made only two contributions of 1 and half a minute. Those who said mechanical engineers have stereotype jobs in process industry were eliminated in this round.

Interview Experience TATA Steel:

The interviewers were really cool. They asked only basic and routine questions. Only one question was challenging. They were checking the confidence level and approach to solve the problem. Following are the questions:

  1. Introduce yourself. Where are you from? Family background.
  2. Occupation of father? Why you choose mechanical engineering?
  3. Favorite subjects?  Why?
  4. Next questions were on SOM. What is cantilever? SFD, BMD of cantilever with point load at the end? How you control the deflection? Is it possible to control zero deflection?
  5. Theories of failures? List all the theories of failures? Application of each? Which theory is better? Why?
  6. What is bucking? Why bucking occurs? Few other questions on buckling.
  7. In rolling operation one Roller is failing how will you approach the problem?
  8. Why you want to join TATA steel?  Career objective? How will you see yourself 5 years down the line? 

Company:  Airbus.

Selection Procedure:

CV Short listing, Written Examination,  HR Interview and Technical Interview.

Written Examination:

The question paper had 30 technical questions and several aptitude questions.  The questions were mainly on FEA, SOM, Composites and Mechanics.  So just prepare these subjects in detail you get through this.

Interview Experience Airbus (Only HR): 

I was rejected from the HR of Air-Bus since I could not answer the most of the questions about the company and aerospace industry in general. Following are the questions:

  1. Tell me about yourself? Family background?
  2. Why are you doing post graduation?
  3. What you know about Airbus?
  4. Why you want to join Airbus?
  5. Which companies manufactures the air planes? List them? Their products?
  6. Tell me about your project?
  7. Why are you using ANSYS?
  8. Anything that you want to ask me?

Be Prepared……All the Best!!!!!!!!!

  1. Mandeep Dhanda says:

    its very informative. good work,its very nice that you shared your experience…
    It’ll definitely help us a lot preparing for the placements….but sir ultimately in which company u placed….share for that also…

    thanks sir……

  2. Indrajit says:

    its very informative. good work.
    good initiative

    thank you

  3. Ninad says:

    Pradip, its very nice that you shared your experience…!!!
    It’ll definitely help us a lot preparing for the placements.
    Also your initiative may boost your other batch-mates also to share their experience in such a nice way.
    Thank you very much!!

  4. Shashank says:

    Dear Pradip,

    So nice of you that you have shared your experience in so much detail.

    Not only future courses but others like us learned so much.

    Good work . Pls keep it up.

  5. sagar says:

    Thanks bhava….

  6. MP says:

    Jabardast ….. Gud initiative

  7. amit says:

    mastch re bhawa

  8. Ravi says:

    good work pradip

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