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Posted: August 7, 2011 in Being +VE :-)

It has been for long time I got time to write about the very important topic and which is very close to my heart “The Education in Rural India”. Getting in to IITs  is always a dream for many, especially for whom who knows what is IIT.  I have seen many people putting effort to get in to these premier institutes like IIMs and IITs. I always felt very fortunate to be in IIT and got in to such nice profession of engineering. Mine were never been deliberate efforts to become engineer at least in my school days since i was unaware of engineering as profession as such. I always felt very fortunate to be in IIT and got in to such nice profession. But sometimes it takes me in to past when we used to go in to school without knowing why we are going to school, and my mind starts comparing the kind of education that I received in my village (still the student in that village are receiving the same educations where the India has seen great transformation in last 15 years, huge disparity!!!!!!) whereas what others were receiving say in CBSE boards or in cities. I remember the efforts I made in my undergraduate studies to improve my English where at least somebody was there to tell the importance of the English language (Principal, B. P. Ronge).

Right from my college days I always wondered  about the quality of education in rural areas.The rural populations in India comprise the core of Indian society and also represent real India. Where you will find abundant raw talent which are deprived of right environment. This really I got experienced when I got to hear the results of the 1st Year M.Tech batch. Most of the toppers say from design, manufacturing, electronics and agricultural departments are from these regions. So there is no scarcity of the talent there It’s only the unavailability of the resources and know-know.

Education has become so central to only some class of people where they pay huge fees and get trained their children in these coaching institutes. It’s very unfortunate that the students from the poor financial background can’t have access to such institutes as they can not afford to bear the cost.They are denied admissions to the premier institutes like IITs and IIMs as they never get access to quality education. So the mute question is how can we make the level playing field to all?  How can we help this raw talent form villages to get in to these premier institutes? Most of private institutes in the Maharashtra are controlled by the many politicians to influence the voters. Which affects the quality of education, as real purpose of having the higher education institutes is never served. The students are not employable even after they pass-out from such private institutes and their struggle continues.  There is strong link between education and poverty, poor never get quality education which in turn keeps them poor. They are very few who are crossing this hurdle. As long as corruption and bureaucracy paralyzes the system, the goal of delivering a decent education to children – which pays dividends to the country in the long run – will remain out of reach.

At first hand this problems looks intractable. With proper government policies such as reservation based on the financial income, making single entrance for test all the students across the country, curriculum should be same for all, adopting the PPP (Public Private Parternership) model in education system by allowing private players to participate in the education, strict adherence to the quality procedures while granting the certification and grants to the institutes and many more. We really need sustained and huge efforts in setting the right tone for the entire education system.

  1. Anudnya says:

    Its really nice.

  2. Vineesh K P says:

    Nice M-man. Let ur dream comes true..

  3. Kiran says:

    Very Nice Blog Pradip…..I am proud to have a IIITian friend like you raising the voice for rural education!!!

  4. santosh says:

    It’s really nice pradip….

  5. Mangesh says:

    I did my primary education from Z P schools..and graduation from college located in Rural India..and I feel proud to share my office cubicle with guys with IIT tag….i don’t feel education in Rural India is inferior be any means..
    ya but there is need of forum to encourage rural talented guys to come forward…

  6. Vaibhav says:

    Excellent …Really village is full of talent, only thing they need is proper direction, guidance…..

  7. amit says:

    i like it man………..

  8. mpsays says:

    Nice one dude…

  9. Ashok Mache says:

    I strongly support ….

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