Fight Club (-: Just Dare…..No Fear :-)

Posted: December 24, 2010 in Being +VE :-)

Brad Pitt said, “Fight Club is a metaphor for the need to push through the walls we put around ourselves and just go for it, so for the first time we can experience the pain.”

The movie is awesome and one must watch a movie. It’s for those who have never dared……..take a chance and experience the pain, the pain of learning, the pain of first step towards the success,the pain of unleashing the mind and get habituated to it…..Fights.

I remember my school days when we used to go for swimming in wells. My younger brother was trying to teach swimming to my first cousin.He tried first time and never came back……..and never learned swimming….Fear .

Many of us carry the FEAR. Fear of “failure”, fear of “success”, Fear of “Boss,”Fear of “what others will say“, even fear of “asking questions to profs ” and what not..We’re so concerned with failure and success—like these two things are all that’s going to sum you up at the end.

In the movie the violence of the fight clubs serves not to promote or glorify physical combat, but for participants to experience feeling in a society where they are otherwise numb.The fights tangibly represent a resistance to the impulse to be “cocooned ” in society. Norton(one of the character in the movie suffering from dissociated personality disorder) believed that the fighting between the men strips away the “fear of pain” and “the reliance on material signifiers of their self-worth”, leaving them to experience something valuable.( Last Paragraph-Courtesy Wikipedia)

So Let’s fight………..Just Dare…………..No Fear……….

  1. Rajdeep says:

    Nice dude……….

  2. Bhushan says:

    Fearless more…………….you caught a right chord. The blog is absolutely mind blowing. Excellent grade for that (though I am not the right person to grade it.)

  3. amit says:

    nicebhawa der ke aage jit hai

  4. Rudra says:

    More Shaab, this piece of post is ultimate, mind blowing, mind has already blown, only skull is remaining. Your move towards success path has already commenced.

  5. Saikat says:

    nice one….

  6. kaushik says:

    Good job, man….

  7. Vineet Sahoo says:

    dil ki nazar se dekho ya dimag ki nazar se dekho, jaise bhi dekho its simply awesome

  8. siwani says:

    good job pradip.somethin innovative.carry over d spirit.

  9. Excellent expression of mind with creative imagination. Rock man!!

  10. Mahesh says:

    Nice one bro…..
    Even I don’t know swimming….may be coz I never tried out of fear….. possibly it is something I should dare and not fear.

  11. mangesh says:

    nice one pradip…keep it up.

  12. mangesh says:

    nice one pradip….keep it up.

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