Letter to Justice Verma

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Nation unites in mourning death of Delhi braveheart, demands justice for her

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There is much debate on whether we need social change or stricter laws to prevent sexual assaults on women. I feel we need both and social change will take time. Social change has its relationship with literacy, poverty, education and is based on many other factors. The world is becoming better and better place to live. People are becoming better; they want to treat others fairly. If we plot the number of horrific crimes that used to happen with time, we will see that there is an improvement but not on expected lines. The condition of the women is much better compared to last decades, centuries or so. What we immediately need is stricter laws to deal with sexual assault related cases. Why our parents, teachers scolded us? It is to deter us from doing bad things, to teach us the difference between good and bad. On similar lines the punishment to culprits must send a strong signal so that any potential culprit will deter and will think several times before committing any crime. The measures of social changes can be taken care with proper education reforms, promoting gender equality, removing poverty etc.

I am not a law expert or haven’t studied law but felt like here is a time where I can contribute and sent an email (justice.verma@nic.in) to Justice Verma committee. The committee has asked suggestions from the citizens of our country. The last date for the submission of suggestions is 5th January 2013. I request to all my friends spare some time and mail whatever is in your mind to this committee. The following suggestions I mailed to Justice Verma Committee.

  1. If girl is sexually assaulted and murdered by group or individual, the culprit if proven guilty must be given death penalty.
  2. If any minor girl is sexually assaulted by individual or group, the culprit if proven guilty must be given death penalty.
  3. The person convicted for death penalty in sexual assault related cases should not be allowed to file mercy petition to President of India. Death penalty is given in rarest of the rare cases, no culprit should be allowed to file mercy petition in any other cases also. Political parties play unnecessary politics out of it.(E.g. Afjal Guru Case).
  4. If the girl above 18 is sexually assaulted, the culprit if proven guilty should get minimum punishment of life imprisonment.
  5. If the complain of sexual assault comes, the culprits should be issued non bailable warrant till the trials are completed.
  6. Anyone who is booked under sexual assault, harassment or eve teasing related cases should not be allowed contest the elections. If any party gives the tickets and found guilty should be banned permanently.
  7. Fast tracks courts should be established for sexual assault related cases. The time frame should be fixed.
  8. Sensor board should be strict in portrayal of the woman character in the movies of any language.

Wishing You All and Your Family a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year and Let us Make this World Better..


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The beauty of the campus interview is that you never know when you will get placed. If everything goes as per plan and expectations there is every chance that you will get placed. One needs to have patience. The recruitment procedure at IIT kgp is very funny. It surprises you all the time. They may call you in the middle of the night for the written examination. They will ask you to submit the resume within 2 hours. The tentative schedule is published well in advance. There is little deviation from the schedule. So, be prepared in advance. Here is my experience so far.

  1. The recruitment procedure starts on 1st December. List down the companies that you want to target. Only target those companies which match with your set of skill. So many companies are coming for recruitment and appearing for most of them is a waste of time.
  2. Make the Placement Notice Board as default browser page. Install the updater which will give alarm for every new notice.
  3. I request juniors try to finish the thesis work by 15th of November so that you will have ample time to prepare for basics. Make it clear to the guide about you career goals.
  4. Start preparing the CV in July itself. Fine tune it properly, show it to friends, ask for the suggestions. Make the list of the questions from the CV. Ask friend for the demo interview you will understand the most of the questions that can be generated from the CV. Write down the answers for all those questions.
  5. Right from the July, Spend at least 1 hour daily on quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, and English stuff. Brush up the B.Tech technical stuff, prepare for the HR and make the research about the companies in last 15 days. The book I used for Quantitative Aptitude is “Quantitative aptitude for MBA Entrance examinations Abhijit Guha”. And solve the questions from the site: www. indiabix.com
  6. Get the old placement papers and solve them. Most of the time they will get repeated. I don’t know whether this really happens but my seniors suggested. One can also have idea about the nature of the question papers in advance.
  7. Most of the time companies recruit from all the IITs. Contact your friends from other IITs and ask for suggestions or necessary help.
  8. On a particular day of recruitment, the procedure will start in early morning. Have heavy breakfast so that you can concentrate for whole day without moving from the interview location.

The following are the companies that I attended and their experience.

Company:  Tata Steel.

Selection Procedure:

CV Short listing, GD and Interview.

GD Experience TATA steel: 

The topic for the GD was “Mechanical Engineers have stereotype job in process industry”. If one has clear-cut understanding of the topic, he must take the initiative to open the GD. You will have better impression for taking the initiative. But if one is not aware of the topic it’s better to wait for contribution from the other people. Understand what others are saying. In my GD most of them could not understand the meaning of the stereotype. I was also not confident about meaning of word stereotype. I have not opened GD. Made only two contributions of 1 and half a minute. Those who said mechanical engineers have stereotype jobs in process industry were eliminated in this round.

Interview Experience TATA Steel:

The interviewers were really cool. They asked only basic and routine questions. Only one question was challenging. They were checking the confidence level and approach to solve the problem. Following are the questions:

  1. Introduce yourself. Where are you from? Family background.
  2. Occupation of father? Why you choose mechanical engineering?
  3. Favorite subjects?  Why?
  4. Next questions were on SOM. What is cantilever? SFD, BMD of cantilever with point load at the end? How you control the deflection? Is it possible to control zero deflection?
  5. Theories of failures? List all the theories of failures? Application of each? Which theory is better? Why?
  6. What is bucking? Why bucking occurs? Few other questions on buckling.
  7. In rolling operation one Roller is failing how will you approach the problem?
  8. Why you want to join TATA steel?  Career objective? How will you see yourself 5 years down the line? 

Company:  Airbus.

Selection Procedure:

CV Short listing, Written Examination,  HR Interview and Technical Interview.

Written Examination:

The question paper had 30 technical questions and several aptitude questions.  The questions were mainly on FEA, SOM, Composites and Mechanics.  So just prepare these subjects in detail you get through this.

Interview Experience Airbus (Only HR): 

I was rejected from the HR of Air-Bus since I could not answer the most of the questions about the company and aerospace industry in general. Following are the questions:

  1. Tell me about yourself? Family background?
  2. Why are you doing post graduation?
  3. What you know about Airbus?
  4. Why you want to join Airbus?
  5. Which companies manufactures the air planes? List them? Their products?
  6. Tell me about your project?
  7. Why are you using ANSYS?
  8. Anything that you want to ask me?

Be Prepared……All the Best!!!!!!!!!

Letter to Congress…

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Congress Members,

Along with me and my friends, we were planning to protest against corruption and support Annaji for his anticorruption movement, on a day when Prime Minister visited our campus for the convocation ceremony. We refrained from doing so because of some or other issues of nasty politics, which are prevalent in our country. I am writing this letter as common man with great pain, anger and frustration. Perhaps this is the reason why so many people out there on street supporting the Anna for his campaign on fight against corruption. Because of current happenings my mind is with full of thoughts and restless like never before. Since we recovered from the economic slowdown in 2008, you had very nice story to tell, the story of growth, India shining and what not. All of a sudden we are talking about so much on corruption which is in existence for many years, Land acquisition, Farmers killing, Terrorism and many more issues which are detrimental to growth as well our vision of becoming developed by 2020,  set out by my beloved former President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. I am writing this letter to you because you being servants of this country, I seek answers to some of the questions that as common man we have.

The movement of Anna for the fight against the corruption has very good connection with me personally, my family and my country as whole. First of all let me tell you about myself and my family background. I am perusing my post-graduate studies at IIT Kharagpur. I come from Middle class family and from small village called Dighanchi in Maharashtra. I started following politics at very early age since my grandpa and my uncle are active political leaders and holds key positions in local government bodies. Why I and my family supported the congress? There are several reasons to this question, one among them is the congress has emerged from the freedom struggle that we had. People believe that it’s because of the congress leaders that India has got the freedom. My grandpa who is almost 75 years old was personally known by former Chief Minister of Maharashtra and freedom fighter Mr. Vasantdada Patil. There are many like my grandpa who trusted for congress for so many years because of the great leaders like him. Now the time has changed and people have changed, there are no more freedom fighters active in politics who led our country to freedom. During elections old people from the villages still see the symbol of hand and vote for the congress in spite of the candidate. So the party line voting is everywhere in the country. There is no choice to the people of this country and as Anna said we really need electoral reforms to change this system. When the first time UPA-I came in to power I said myself, wow! look at the cabinet. I felt like we are having one of the finest of the government, that we had. And today I am very critical to the congress because of the series of the events that has happened in past few years.

Your government has totally failed in addressing the corruption, inflation and many more issues. You guys have ruled this country for so many years. Dynastic politics are prevalent in the country. When Sonia Gandhi entered in the politics you endorsed her for the Prime Minister post. Is there anywhere merit, is it just because she is a widow of the Late Prime minister Rajiv Gandhi or the daughter in law of late Mrs. Indira Gandhi. You endorsed Pratibha Patil as presidential candidate just because you wanted to create a history to have a first woman president. She was having serious corruption charges against her but still you supported her. Does she carry the legacy left by the former President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam?  You increased the reservations for OBCs after the 64 years of independence and based on the 60 years old report. My question is that, is there in scope for the merit? There are some nonsense people from you party who are endorsing the Rahul Gandhi as future PM, just to appease the high command and getting the media attention. I think that, the day Rahul Gandhi will become the Prime minister of this country; it will be the worst day in the history Indian Politics. Look at the chain of events that happened over a period of last six months. After 2G scam Anna raised the issue of Lokpal bill which is in discussion for almost 43 years in the parliament and has never been passed. It’s only after the Anna’s first fast you brought the first version of the bill which literally is Jokepal bill and is very ordinary in preventing the corruption. It’s only after the honorable SC judges intervened 2G scam you CBI started functioning. You used every possible way to crush Anna’s movement by calling Anna corrupt, this movement has foreign hand or funded by the US, it has backing of the RSS or BJP, and what not. I can only say shame on you. You crushed the Baba Ramdev’s fast against the black money in the middle of the night by lathicharge on the people, who were peacefully sleeping. Anna is on fast from last 8 days but still you are discussing and urging him to end his fast. Even though he is Gandhian, you should understand that he has served the Indian Army and I am very sure that he will fight till; the Jan-Lokpal bill will be passed by the parliament.

I believe that what India has achieved today is because of number of young people, talent and geography of this country and hardly because of the policymakers. People understand that what you do when you are in power. Common people have become more mature over the period of time. They understand what is wrong and what is right. So I only urge your government to understand the pulse of the people and be accountable. Get your basics clear and present the Anna’s bill in the parliament. We are in so much pain and full with anger because of series of corruption events. Economists say that we are losing almost 0.5 % of the GDP owing to only corruption. Preventing currption has wider impact in improving the lives of the people. We really need a strong Lokpal bill which will prevent the corruption. I understand this is not an ultimate solution and just a small step in preventing the corruption. But somewhere we have to start and this the right time to do that.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vande Matram!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May this movement continue for betterment of our lives…………….

Rural Education….

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It has been for long time I got time to write about the very important topic and which is very close to my heart “The Education in Rural India”. Getting in to IITs  is always a dream for many, especially for whom who knows what is IIT.  I have seen many people putting effort to get in to these premier institutes like IIMs and IITs. I always felt very fortunate to be in IIT and got in to such nice profession of engineering. Mine were never been deliberate efforts to become engineer at least in my school days since i was unaware of engineering as profession as such. I always felt very fortunate to be in IIT and got in to such nice profession. But sometimes it takes me in to past when we used to go in to school without knowing why we are going to school, and my mind starts comparing the kind of education that I received in my village (still the student in that village are receiving the same educations where the India has seen great transformation in last 15 years, huge disparity!!!!!!) whereas what others were receiving say in CBSE boards or in cities. I remember the efforts I made in my undergraduate studies to improve my English where at least somebody was there to tell the importance of the English language (Principal, B. P. Ronge).

Right from my college days I always wondered  about the quality of education in rural areas.The rural populations in India comprise the core of Indian society and also represent real India. Where you will find abundant raw talent which are deprived of right environment. This really I got experienced when I got to hear the results of the 1st Year M.Tech batch. Most of the toppers say from design, manufacturing, electronics and agricultural departments are from these regions. So there is no scarcity of the talent there It’s only the unavailability of the resources and know-know.

Education has become so central to only some class of people where they pay huge fees and get trained their children in these coaching institutes. It’s very unfortunate that the students from the poor financial background can’t have access to such institutes as they can not afford to bear the cost.They are denied admissions to the premier institutes like IITs and IIMs as they never get access to quality education. So the mute question is how can we make the level playing field to all?  How can we help this raw talent form villages to get in to these premier institutes? Most of private institutes in the Maharashtra are controlled by the many politicians to influence the voters. Which affects the quality of education, as real purpose of having the higher education institutes is never served. The students are not employable even after they pass-out from such private institutes and their struggle continues.  There is strong link between education and poverty, poor never get quality education which in turn keeps them poor. They are very few who are crossing this hurdle. As long as corruption and bureaucracy paralyzes the system, the goal of delivering a decent education to children – which pays dividends to the country in the long run – will remain out of reach.

At first hand this problems looks intractable. With proper government policies such as reservation based on the financial income, making single entrance for test all the students across the country, curriculum should be same for all, adopting the PPP (Public Private Parternership) model in education system by allowing private players to participate in the education, strict adherence to the quality procedures while granting the certification and grants to the institutes and many more. We really need sustained and huge efforts in setting the right tone for the entire education system.

Brad Pitt said, “Fight Club is a metaphor for the need to push through the walls we put around ourselves and just go for it, so for the first time we can experience the pain.”

The movie is awesome and one must watch a movie. It’s for those who have never dared……..take a chance and experience the pain, the pain of learning, the pain of first step towards the success,the pain of unleashing the mind and get habituated to it…..Fights.

I remember my school days when we used to go for swimming in wells. My younger brother was trying to teach swimming to my first cousin.He tried first time and never came back……..and never learned swimming….Fear .

Many of us carry the FEAR. Fear of “failure”, fear of “success”, Fear of “Boss,”Fear of “what others will say“, even fear of “asking questions to profs ” and what not..We’re so concerned with failure and success—like these two things are all that’s going to sum you up at the end.

In the movie the violence of the fight clubs serves not to promote or glorify physical combat, but for participants to experience feeling in a society where they are otherwise numb.The fights tangibly represent a resistance to the impulse to be “cocooned ” in society. Norton(one of the character in the movie suffering from dissociated personality disorder) believed that the fighting between the men strips away the “fear of pain” and “the reliance on material signifiers of their self-worth”, leaving them to experience something valuable.( Last Paragraph-Courtesy Wikipedia)

So Let’s fight………..Just Dare…………..No Fear……….